Power up your systems guys and gals, this week Podculture games!

Christina buys herself a Nintendo DS, after playing Cooking Mama, and goes with Brad on an epic Gamestop hunt for games. They ended up with Sims: Castaway, Trauma Center: Under The Knife for the DS and Nascar 2008 for the PS3. Brad finds Ultraman: Power Fighter for the PC to help complete Glenn’s collection. He’s got Uno 52, Puzzle Quest, Super Mario Brothers for his DS, and they talk about the ways game companies take advantage of different consoles. Not to ignore his PSP, Brad also picked up Justice League Heroes, Monster Madness:Battle For Suburbia for his XBox 360, Orange Box and Sonic The Hedgehog for the PS3. Both boys have Resistance: Fall of Man. Glenn is awaiting his PS3, Soul Calibur, and the new Ninja Gaiden. Glenn’s finally finished his storyline on Rainbow Six 2 and Time Shift.

Geek Cuisine Soda Shoppe frozen pops. Tune in to see what Glenn says to make ice pop almost come out Brad’s nose.

This week’s Guilty Pleasure is a flashback to the oldie but just as guilty, “Zardoz”.

Thanks and worship to Barenaked Hurley for his song, “Oh, Benry”. Much gratitude to The Geologic Podcast and What The Cast for their promos!

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 105: Frack You Benry Linus – Part B”
  1. Listening to geek and tell…and I wanted to suggest a good DS game – It is called “The world Ends with you.” It is a square-enix RPG which looks a lot like the game Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio.

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