We happily welcome Adam back into the studio!

Beware the Pod casters, Glenn hasn’t played WoW in months. He has finally caught up with some tv and movies. He’s seen Iron Man, and the boys talk about Speed Racer. Adam talks about putting together his sports car of a computer, and Brad commiserates with tales of what happens when new case meets old memory. Brad and Christina have seen Indiana Jones, and Christina’s taking care of her Virtual Villagers tribe.

The quartet breaks out the whip with their reviews of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. (Those who wish to remain spoiler free, skip from about the 18 minute to about the 37 minute mark.)

Holy Geek Cuisine, Batman!! We have Batman Candy bats.

Where Geek meets Tell, you’ll find us! Brad finds a ZipZap Micro RC car of Bumblebee, and a die cast Mach 5. Glenn’s got the Hot Wheels Speed Racer set. Brad found a set of Mighty Mugg figures, including Yoda, Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America, The Thing, and Doctor Doom. Who would win between Puppet Spike and Mighty Muggs Yoda? Listen!

Thanks muchly for the promos from The Adventures of Indiana Jim and the podcast for the novel, Chasing the Bard! (Where you just might hear a familiar voice in the cast)

What happens when theme tune gurus Beatnik Turtle take on classic Irish pub tunes? Enjoy the song “Mary Mac” from their new CD “Sham Rock” (also available on iTunes) and find out.

By Brad

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