Crank up the air conditioning, as we open this week with the hotness that is summer movies!

Glenn talks about Iron Man, and anticipates Speed Racer and The Incredible Hulk. He talks about Get Smart, and Steve Carell which leads to a discussion about Land of The Lost with Will Farrell. We’re all curious about the upcoming movies, including G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Quantum of Solace, X-Men: Wolverine, Star Wars:Clone Wars, Dark Knight, Hellboy, Watchmen, Indiana Jones and Bioshock. Christina doesn’t let them forget about her Christmas in July, when she goes to see X-Files: I Want To Believe, and gives the boys the heads up about Mama Mia. It may not be a proper movie sequel, but Brad looks forward to the Ghostbusters video game. What movies are you most looking forward to? See one that impressed you? See one that’s disappointing? Let us know!

Get a glass of milk! This week’s Geek Cuisine is Strawberry Milkshake Oreos.

Christina’s still loving her birthday presents, including a Gir shirt from Brad to match her Gir cell phone fob and earrings. Elizabeth gave her “True Meaning of Friendship”, but Brad comes in first with….get ready… an autographed David Tennant and Catherine Tate photograph. Brad’s not to be outdone with his Idaho Jones Mr. Potato Head and Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Enterprise model. What would a Geek and Tell be without a koala? We’ve given another poor little thing a home. Not nearly as cuddly, the pair also picked up three memory cards, and Brad’s amped up the PodCulture PC.

In closing, Christina regales another horrifying chapter in “Riding on the Shortbus”, and the boys talk about RoboVampire and Snakes on a Plane. Which is scarier? You tell us!

Thanks so much to Hypersensitive and Talechaser for their promos!

Uber-thanks to Barenaked Hurley for his song, “Under Water Station”.

By Brad

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