We are happy to have Adam still in the studio!

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… a spoilerific tale… of Lost, now that Glenn is all caught up. (If you wish to stuff sand in your ears to keep from hearing anything that might electro-magnetize your brain, skip from the five minute mark to the 20 minute mark. Do you like Kate? How would you kill her off? What are your theories and hypotheses about the Island?

The Culture Quartet taste the Mountain Dew trio of new flavors. Do you like Voltage, Supernova or Revolution? Find out why Christina has kicked the energy drink habit. What on earth do water buffalo have to do with Geek Cuisine?

See who Geeked and who Told this week. Brad and Christina have adopted Benry Linus from Build A Bear. He’s got Green Lantern and Hawk Man figures from The Batman line, and new Transformers toys. We ruminate on the multiplication of koalas, and Glenn tells us why he’ll be doing a lot less Geek and Tell shopping in the future.

Thank you for the gorgeous promo for Philippa Ballantine’s podio novel, Chasing the Bard. Thanks again to Beatnik Turtle for keeping our Irish eyes smiling with “Beer, Beer, Beer” from their album “Sham Rock”. Brad gets his geek on with promo from The GeekSpin.

By Brad

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