Brad and Christina introduce this week’s episode, and break the news about the passing of actor Don S. Davis. If you’ve got a favorite moment or line from any of Don’s characters, (General Hammond from Stargate: SG1, Captain Scully from X-Files, etc) send them in to us or call the voicemail line 206-338-3POD (3763) and leave a message. We’ll put it in his tribute show, to air on Tuesday, the 8th.

Geek Cuisine goes green! Flat Earth’s Wild Berry Patch crisps make all of us ridiculously happy.

The Shoppening continues! In this week’s Geek and Tell Brad gets the final installment in his free HD dvds, including Smokin’ Aces, Lethal Weapon, Troy, Four Brothers, U2: Rattle and Hum. We do an 80’s flashback, and pick up Space Camp and War Games (in a dual pack), and Galactica 1980. Christina’s dementia is catchy, and Brad can’t recall if he talked about his Alien Nation dvds. He’s added MST 3K: The Movie, and Stargate The Movie on blu-ray. Glenn’s picked up Omega Man on HD, The Eye, The Secrets of Isis, National Treasure 1 and 2, Alexander Revisited, and the Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector’s Set on blu-ray. Adam has begun to watch Stargate: SG-1.

Christina makes the confession that she’s watched an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Geek Cuisine 2.0 finds the foursome testing “Private Selection” sodas including blood orange, blueberry lemon, and cranberry lemon.

Glenn’s finishing up The 4400, and We wrap up entreating our listeners to see the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to seeing movies, listening to music, and playing games.

Thank you so much to Brian for his promo of What The Cast, and “Old Dun Cow” by Beatnik Turtle from their cd, Sham Rock. We hope you enjoy the promos for the newest books: Philippa Ballantine’s “Digital Magic” and “Billibub Baggins and the Pitcher’s Pendant” by Tee Morris.

By Brad

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