Adam’s up to seasons 9 and 2 of Stargagte: SG-1 and Stargate:Atlantis respectively, 3-D modeling and playing games. Christina’s connecting with the phone guy and threatening harm to the fax machine. Brad’s working hard and beating Ashlee at Soul Caliber 4.

Adam has enjoyed Kung Fu Panda with his brother, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Find out how Christina liked Mamma Mia and Brad liked X-Files:I Want To Believe. Brad muses the theory of putting Nathan Fillion in an Indiana Jones movie.

Pucker up! Geek Cuisine are Hershey Kisses Raspberry Hugs. Adam creates the inaugural experiment in Geek Cuisine Labs.

Brad begins this week’s Geek And Tell with the autographed copy of Scott Sigler’s Infected novel, sent from L.A. by the lovely Tabz. The pair have Stargate:Continuum, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Posiedon Adventure on blu-ray. They’ve picked up X-Files Revelations, but couldn’t use the movie cash, and feed their inner children on Veggie Tales:Big River Rescue. Brad’s picked up the hardcover of Angel:After The Fall volume 1 and Soul Calibur 4 for the X Box 360.

Mur Lafferty entreats listeners to pick up the soon-to-be-published “Playing For Keeps”. Promos come from The One Tree Hill Connection Podcast and our own beloved The Geek Spin.

By Brad

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