After an introduction from the System Lord we love to hate, Cliff Simon, who plays Ba’al on Stargate SG:1, we’re off on another geek rampage.

Glenn give us the Pleasure De Guilt for the week with Phantom Empire.

Geek Cuisine ushers in the fall with Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses.

We’re still wading though Dragon Con souvenirs, and Brad’s got books! Stargate Atlantis “Mirror Mirror”, Stargate SG:1 “Roswell”, Stargate SG:1 “Do No Harm”, Sherilynn Kenion’s “Seize The Night”. They’ve got CDs, Christina’s favorite being “Like A Waterfall” by James Marsters. Brad’s got The Brobingagian Bards’ “Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs”, Mark Gunn’s “Whiskers In The Jar”, “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers” and “Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover’s Companion”. The pair have a Chicago 2005 dvd of Wicked. Brad’s now the owner of a set of Green Lantern shot glasses from StylinOnline. “Planet Hulk” and “Young Avengers” hardback collections have made their way onto Brad’s shelf, and Glenn’s got Next Avengers on DVD. Christina picked up a present for Brad’s birthday, and he’s picked out a full-sized replica of the Sword of Omens from Thundercats. Christina got herself some shiny in the form of a glass earth pendant and a replica of the Tardis key. Glenn’s got the new Coldplay cd “Viva La Vida”.

Congratulations to The Geek Spin for winning a Podcast Peer Award!

Promos come kindly from The Weird Show and The John Payne Fancast.

By Brad

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