Open the iris and dial the Gate! The dear and departed Don S. Davis introduces us this week, and PodCulture dons their Stargate Louisville uniforms.

After a marathon crash month of catching up with all things Stargate, Adam is up to date, and we’re debriefing. We all agree to liking Continuum more than Ark of Truth, and that it took some time to embrace Stargate Atlantis. We discuss the pros and cons of each show, and how Atlantis began to morph into SG-1. Christina likes John Sheppard more than Cameron Mitchell. Who likes Carson better than Jennifer? Teal’C vs Ronon? We talk about our hopes for the characters before the end of the series, including Robert Picardo’s Woolsey.

In the second part, Adam’s seen the mid-season cliffhanger episode and we discuss it, so if you want to avoid spoilers, STOP LISTENING at the point Walter says, “Unauthorized incoming transmission from SGL!”

What do you think about the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis? Did you enjoy the mid-season cliffhanger? Send us an incoming transmission and let us know!

By Brad

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