The PodCulture Studio was in the dark after Hurricane Ike, but now the everyone’s back and turbines are back to power!

Glenn’s still working on his house, Adam did the Heart Walk for The American Heart Association, and Christina’s broken her hand. Brad got the early bird Rock Band 2, but mother nature sought to delay him.

Brad and Glenn both had birthdays in September, and both got booty! Glenn got money, and Carly gave him much-needed poster frames. He would like to buy the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk games for the 360. Christina gave Brad a laser cut Green Lantern crystal, a shirt that reads, “Half Man, Half Koala”, and Doctor Who toys including the Doctor from Partners in Crime, Donna Noble, and the Utopia gift set.

Beware! Halloween is coming! This week, our geeks try Chocolate Caramel Candy Corn from Brachs.

Glenn is watching the seventh season of Smallville, and has finished the first season of Supernatural. The group talks about how Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki interact with each other. Brad and Christina are watching Smallville, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Heroes. If you wish to remain SPOILER FREE, skip from between the time marker of 36:00 until the 52:00 time mark. Christina wants to see Lost in Austen, and Glenn has enjoyed The Lost Room, which spurs the discussion of the transformation of The Sci-Fi channel. There’s discussion of Lost, Stargate Atlantis, and Sanctuary.

Gratitude for the promos from The Company Podcast, JT’s Indie Music Podcast, and Dragon Page With Class.

By Brad

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