One more time, we warmly welcome the crew from, Scott, Lindsey and Ben!

Ben and Scott talk about the newest flash of brilliance from, Geek By Night. What does it have in common with PodCulture, Lost, and J.M. Straczynski?

We finish out our stash of gourmet candy corn with Strawberry Cotton Candy, Orange Mango and Toasted S’Mores.

Jay Emmitt from The Obscure 80’s Podcast calls into the voicmail line with his thoughts about Heroes.

Christina begins the book section of Geek and Tell with her newest obsession, The Twilight Series. Ben and Scott proceed to flame it so greatly, our eyebrows are singed.  What do you think? Is the series anti-feminist? Is Bella a good role model? (Christina wished she would have finished the books before the debate, because there are all kinds of points she would have made) Brad’s got Star Trek Destiny:Gods of Night, Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies.

Final thoughts include having a happy Halloween, finally seeing the end to the candy corn, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, and the new Star Trek movie.

Thanks to Steampunk Spectacular and Morevi Remastered by Tee Morris for their promos!

By Brad

3 thoughts on “PodCulture 128: The GeekShow Show – Part D”
  1. Hee, Brad and Christina, I wanted to mention that you actually met Cliss at D*C this year! It was when the BBtL guys and gals decended upon your room for recording. And for our live show, we made Cliss PROMISE to keep it family safe or she would owe… She actually managed to pull it off. Fun episode guys! Keep it up!

  2. Kim….thanks for stopping by the site! Yeah I remembered that Cliss was a part of that wacky recording session we had at D*C. (gonna have to do that again next year too!)

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