We welcome Ashlee back from Vancouver, and enjoy our PodCulture Thanksgiving leftovers!

Glenn had to be up to film the Black Friday craziness from his helicopter and Adam had food poisoning from the day before, so they’re both happy with Thanksgiving being through.

Banana Split Cream Oreo cookies are the first confectionery goodness in this episode. Find out what Brad mixes with his Red Bull and what Christina threatens to put in his mouth while he’s sleeping.

Brad starts Geek And Tell with Transformers…surprise! He’s got Transformers Animated figures and a Decepticon jacket from Hot Topic

Glenn turns up the heat on Guilty Pleasures with Mercury Man (and yes, it’s available on NetFlix!).

We come back for seconds of Geek Cuisine this week, as we share Nestle Crunch Dark miniatures.

Final thoughts include readying ourselves for the holidays, getting Wall-E on Blu-ray, the necessity of wearing a coat, the loveliness of Canada, and Stargate Universe.

We give thanks for our promos, including Future Traditions, The Weird Show and Mark Gunn’s Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Our gratitude to the Great Luke Ski for his song, Black Friday! Minor language for the very wee members of the PodCulture audience as we’ve included the “Bull$hit” song.

By Brad

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