Robert Picardo opens this week’s program, and welcomes us to another episode of PodCulture!

We happily welcome Ashlee back into the studio as she, Glenn and Adam talk about Quantum of Solace, and Christina talks about Twilight

Brian from The British Invaders Podcast calls the voicemail, and gives us his views about Doctor Who and Matthew from Michigan keeps us on top of the Transformers news

Adam opens TV and DVD talk with Stargate Atlantis (Christina couldn’t think of poor Dave Foley’s name). Christina has been watching Raines, Lost In Austen and House. Brad’s purchased Play On to be able to stream to the 360 and the gang talks about Knight Rider. Glenn’s caught up on Supernatural and Heroes. The gang talks about the resurgance of Jericho. Ashlee introduces us to our fantastic new obsession, Big Bang Theory!

Heartfelt gratitude to Mike Hall for our FANTASTIC little green geek men decals!

In conclusion, thank you to Ashlee for being part of the show, and thank you to our listeners, as always!

By Brad

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