We welcome Ashlee, and our Number One Groupie, Andy (aka Freehold South) into the studio this week!

Christina starts off recent activity with her new game My Tribe, and proceeds to frighten them all with her many methods of Sim-related torture. Adam has been watching Big Bang Theory and Chuck while regenerating his X Box after its Red Ring of Death. Andy, new to the X Box world, fondly recalls his Intellivision. Ashlee is playing Left For Dead, raiding comic book stores, and learning to love Red Dwarf. Brad is wending his way through the inner-workings of Ubuntu and Wubi.

Thank you to Ed Gizmo for his voicemail and his much-appreciated perspective on Twilight to counterpoint Andy’s.

Geek Cuisine consists of the holly and jolly flavors of Candy Cane and Christmas Cocoa flavored Jones Sodas.

Six Geeks A-Gaming….

Glenn is forever lost in World of Warcraft, and the zombies have Adam and Ashlee as they find themselves Left For Dead. Brad’s squinting through Dead Rising and owning the planet in Fable 2. He’s picked up Spiderman Friend or Foe and Lego Batman. What 360 games would you recommend for Andy and his son? Which universes would you like to see Lego-ized?

Geek And Tell finds Brad once again up to his spark plug in Transformers, and Ashlee glows about her one-of-a-kind gamers charm bracelet.

Promotion this week comes from The Zombie Channel.

By Brad

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