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The gang opens this week’s episode with Geek Cuisine! We’re enjoying the less-scary-than-Turkey-flavored Jones Soda Carbonated Candy! Which one breaks Christina’s streak of liking every candy we’ve tried.

Brad’s overwhelming the bookshelves this week with his new Babylon 5 books. He’s got the J. Michael Straczynski Script Books volume 11, Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5 and But In Purple…I’m Stunning: Quotations From Babylon 5. Do you have a favorite Babylon 5 quote? Call in! E-mail us! Ashlee has picked up the Mirror’s Edge books.

Christina did some Black Friday shopping, and got Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, Into The Woods, second season of House, season 3 of Supernatural, and Passion on dvd. Brad’s got Eureka season one,  the second season of Torchwood, and Heroes on blu-ray. Adam has picked up Batman:The Dark Knight. Glenn’s got Lost, which spurns a conversation about the theories of the final season, and various series finales. We talk about Wanted, Day The Earth Stood Still and Punisher. Andy enjoys the Geekness of his son, and his triumph at Lord of the Rings Trivia. Brad’s pride and joy for the week is Firefly on Blu-ray.

We go for a second round of Jones Soda Carbonated Candy and Ashlee and Adam face mortal danger and combine the weird flavors!

In closing, Christina’s got a new mantra, and the gang talks about Portal and Brad’s insatiable collection of Firefly. What was your geekiest Christmas/Holiday present? Let us know? Do you have Christmas and/or Boxing Day fetish like Adam and Andy? Ashlee asks that we all infect our friends with The Big Bang Theory.

Promos come graciously from The One Tree Hill Podcast and The Future Traditions Podcast. Thanks for the song “Shows I’d Rather Watch Than Knight Rider” by Skiznot.

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