The Culture Crew welcomes Ashlee back into the studio as we all welcome in the New Year!

Adam has finally given in and joined Facebook and Twitter, and Christina gets on her soap box about methods of getting in touch versus the depth of communication. Let us know what you think? Is she wrong, or may she have a point?

Five Geeks-a-Getting….

Glenn got Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 for the 360 for Christmas, as well as some geek shirts. Ashlee tells the story of the person who won a thousand dollars for getting ten thousand achievement points. Would you do it? Adam got a custom Lego Battlestar ship from his friend, Richard, from, and the Battlestar Galactica Board Game from Kevin and Maria. Ashlee got an iPod Touch. Nick gave her a Mirror’s Edge bag and World War Z by Max Brooks (and picked up The Zombie Survival Guide for herself) and Umbrella Academy. Christina has a geekgasm of stuff or Christmas (including her Twilight action figure), but her sentimental favorite is her percolator coffee pot from Brad. Brad got practical things from his mom, and an autographed first edition of Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire. Christina got him green Chuck Taylors and other assorted goodies to be talked about later.

Geek Cuisine continues the Jones Soda Holiday experience. Find out what Adam drops into his Mountain Dew!

Brad and Christina have FINALLY gotten to see Batman: The Dark Knight, and the gang talks about what they think. Do you love Heath Ledger’s Joker? Do you have a favorite Joker actor? What villans should be in the next Batman movie? Who made the better Two Face?

Thanks so much to Jay and Stuey from The Obscure 80’s Podcast and The Ninth: A Heroes Netcast for their promos!

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