Welcome back to another superheroic episode of PodCulture!

We open this week discussing the movie The Spirit, released April 14th, which we were lucky enough to get a preview copy of. Find out what made us laugh, made Christina groan, and what grades everyone gives it. Have you seen it? Let us know what you think?

Geek Cuisine turns into Geek Cuisine Labs with Mana Energy Potion mixed with Mountain Dew Voltage

Get ready to get your game on girls and geeks! Glenn’s playing the new Bond game, Call of Duty World at War, Battlefield: Bad Company, and is looking forward to its sequel. Brad, Christina and Adam talk about games for the iPod and iPhone, including Zombieville USA, Wolfenstein 3D, Imagine Poker and Monopoly Here and Now. Brad’s got Halo Wars, and Glenn’s playing Guild Wars. Brad and Christina have signed up for a Gamefly membership, and have played and/or bought Phantasy Star Portable, Sims Kingdom, Singstar Abba, Streetfighter 4, and Little Big Planet (stay tuned on that last one, folks!). We talk about customizable, community content, and request those musically inclined to upload a version of the PodCulture theme song to Guitar Hero World Tour! Tell us what you like about games you can upload custom content for?  Suggest some games for us to rent from Gamefly! Try a membership for yourself, and check out some weird games!

In closing, Glenn talks about the tea parties across the country in honor of tax day. What will you use your return for?

The promos this week include How To Grow Your Geek, Galactica Quorum, and Marc Gunn’s Irish Celtic Music Podcast.

By Brad

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