Karmic Koala Benry Linus stands in for Glenn this week, but lets Brad, Christina and Adam steal the spotlight for this episode of PodCulture

Thunder over Louisville has come and gone this weekend and the trio enjoyed being downtown, and the two remind Christina that the fireworks weren’t for her birthday on the 19th.

Geek Cuisine is dark chocolate Reese Cups.

The three have watched the Easter Doctor Who Special, and they discuss the splitting of the series into specials, Michelle Ryan, and what lies ahead for the Tenth Doctor. Which ‘cast member’ took the most damage? What does each host think of the story? Christina entreats the audience members with audio ripping capacity to throw some “Christina” sound files her way.

For another dose of Timey Wimey loveliness, the trio have watched the movie pilot of Caprica. Find out what the boys thought of the “not for the children” aspect of the show, and what Christina thought about the characterization of Mr. Adama. Do you see religious overtones? Does the series have a cylon to stand on? Tell us what you think?

In conclusion, Christina requests the listeners’ top five favorite, weirdest YouTube videos. Christina’s latest favorites include Charlie The Unicorn and the video “The Future Is The Future” by Seduff. Adam asks you to watch Doctor Who and Caprica, and to get out an enjoy the weather. Brad looks forward to trying other flavors of Mana Potion.

Promos come from Tuning Into Sci-Fi Tv, Future Traditions, The Tin Dog Podcast and Galactica Quorum.

By Brad

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