Brad, Christina and Adam don’t have Glenn in the studio this week, but they’ve got Brad’s fantastic sister, Emalee filling in as silent studio audience.

Adam’s been working, and working on his CGI animations. Christina’s up to her eyeballs in work, but is enjoying going in early and loving her new fish, Freddie! When she’s not at work, she’s playing the hell out of Little Big Planet. Brad’s exploring the new version of Ubuntu (laugh, Andy!)

Brad gives Christina the floor to talk about why she’s obsessed with Little Big Planet. If you have the game, play with her! If you don’t, why the heck not?! If you have favorite levels, or a similar kind of game, e-mail her!

Adam’s finished the second season of Supernatural, and Brad’s trying to get him to watch Primeval. They talk about Caprica, and bonus features on the Battlestar dvds. Christina’s been watching Discovery Channel, and Adam’s loving Mythbusters. Find out what made Brad freak out, and why Christina grossed him out. Adam and Brad talk about G.I. Joe: Resolute, and Brad and Christina are loving Transformers Animated. The three talk about the next Transformers movie.

Thank you SO much to our Number One Groupie, Andy (aka Freehold South) for his voicemail!

Geek Cuisine is in honor of Emalee, in the form of Surgar Free Flavor Ice Pops.

In conclusion, Christina wishes Elizabeth to feel better, and requests weird YouTube videos. If you’ve got reviews of videos, or iPod apps, let us know! Adam says to watch Mythbusters!

Promos come courtesy of All Games Considered and The Geek Survival Guide.

LAST SECOND NEWS:  PodCulture will be taking a week or two off due to all the Kentucky Derby events and activity.  Our next recording will be on May the 8th with Episode 150  due out around May the 11th.  Stay tuned to the feed in the meantime, because you never know what geeky-goodness may show up in your podcatcher!

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