The PodCulture Crew is without Christina this week, but the guys welcome our favorite guests Ashlee and Andy (aka Freehold South, aka our Number One Groupie).

They open this week with soda….don’t get the airsick bags out just yet Jones fans, it’s Mountain Dew Game Fuel! Not one, but two flavors of World of Warcraft Dew.  What makes Ashlee say “tastes like ass”? Will poor Adam’s iPod make it through another segment? Do you have suggestions for Geek Cuisine Labs? E-mail us with your weirdest recipe!

Glenn inflicts his special brand of pain on the crew once more with Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus! How does Debbie Gibson’s acting career stand up to her recording career, and is Lorenzo Lamas still as bad as actor as we remember? And yes, listeners, it’s available on Netflix!

Speaking of Geek Cuisine Labs, when the gang returns from the commercial, they’re mixing their poisons and dabbling in combined flavors of Mountain Dew.

There be geekin’ and there be tellin’. Brad’s got his usual giant pile of awesome. He’s got Marvel Minimates of Cloak and Dagger, the translucent Hal Jordan and a Sinestro figure, a DC Super Friends Cyborg figure, DC Superfriends Batman plush figure, and a Heroes of the DC Universe Mini-bust of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. Ashlee shares a piece of Twilec art she’s made!

Final thoughts include the Buffy Comic series, Dollhouse and The JossVerse. Brad shares that he and Christina have been watching Castle with the Filliontastic Nathan. Glenn’s looking forward to the next big summer blockbuster films, including Transformers, and G. I. Joe. Brad is aprehensive about Terminator: Salvation, so Adam, Glenn and Ashlee warn him ahead of time. Adam and Ashlee threaten and urge us all to see Disney/Pixar’s Up. Andy is going to be catching up on dvds and getting into the Lord of the Rings MMORPG, and talks about the recently published Tolkien novel.

Promos come graciously from The Ninth: A Heroes netcast, The British Invaders Podcast, The Parsec Awards, and our very own The GeekSpin!

By Brad

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