In brightest day, year after year, no podcast shall escape your ears…Welcome to The Green Lantern: First Flight review episode of PodCulture!

Glenn opens and tells us how he’s sunk his teeth into Moonlight, and looking forward to the possible movie. Adam’s working hard and playing hard, enjoying his Palm Pre. Stay tuned for his review in a future episode! Christina’s watching So You Think You Can Dance and enjoying her iPhone games. Brad had some asswonkiness with his iPhone, and his contact list got sucked into the void of the ether.

Kevin (from Tuning Into Sci Fi TV, The Scapecast, The Signal podcasts) calls our voicemail line to talk about Torchwood: Children of Earth. Thanks, Kevin!

The quartet of geeks reviews a preview copy of Green Lantern: First Flight. It’s the animated movie, starring the voice talents of Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber and Tricia Helfer. As one of, if not THE biggest fandom of Brad’s, he offers insight into the adaptation. He and Glenn discuss variations and accuracy compared to the history of the comic. Adam and Christina are Lantern virgins, and offer a newbie perspective. Is Brad impressed, or scarred for life? Will Adam and Christina be buying comics now?

Glenn’s looking forward to the live action Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, and he lets us know about the World of Warcraft movie. Adam is drooling over the Quantum Mechanix Serenity replica. Christina’s watched the pilot of Glee, and enjoyed it, so tell us about the random new shows you’re watching! The gang discusses and worries about the potential reboot of Futurama. Christina and Brad ponder the tv cultural exchange between U.S. and U.K. television.

Brad’s final thought is announcing that The Geek Spin is nominated for a Parsec Award for The Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast! Congratulations, Brad!!

By Brad

3 thoughts on “PodCulture 160: Geek Lanterns”
  1. Hey guys! So I was just wondering if anyone else was having an issue getting this from itunes? it tells me there is a new episode but wont download, and when i try it says the url is incorrect. Any ideas?

  2. Give it another shot. I just now tried (almost 11pm est on Tuesday) and it is downloading just fine. It could be a hiccup in the server or something maybe.

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