Ryan and Ashlee join the boys in a Christinaless episode. Glenn’s watched Blade: The Series, Adam’s walking (yeah, for fun), and watching Better Off Ted. Ryan is sharing Star Trek, the original series on blu-ray, with his kids. ¬†They discuss the episodes to share with people to properly induct them into the show. Ashlee is preparing for her Toronto trip and watching Buffy. They discuss the Whedonverse, and how the shows and actors overlap.

Geek Cuisine is the love-ly bunch of coconuts….M&Ms!

Glenn’s brought Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li on dvd, which spurs on debate about games turned movies, and old cheesy tv shows including Gatchaman. He’s also got Knowing (which he hasn’t seen yet), and Push, which borrows from Firestarters but doesn’t quite live up to his expectations. The guys share about Fantastic 4. Adam’s been watching Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina, and he and Ashlee compare notes. Ryan is picking up classic blu-ray sci-fi, including Kurt Russell’s The Thing. Will there be a prequel? Is it a “guy movie”? Do you watch movies in production order, or storyline order? Do you have to watch Mad Max to appreciate Road Warrior?

Coming full circle, the gang compares the remastered episodes of the classic Star Trek series to the original episodes, both on the blu-ray set.

The promo this week is from the ever-fantastic What The Cast!

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