Brad is at a loss for words as we open this episode of PodCulture!

Glenn has had a mildly geeky holiday, and has enjoyed the last two weeks, playing Modern Warfare. Along the same lines, he bought himself some new artillery for Christmas, and has his hand back into World of Warcraft. Adam shares the story of his brother’s precarious car trouble. Christina is working her butt off at work, and watching The Tudors. Brad’s patience is worn training noobs at work, and trying not to break any body parts on the ice.

Andy (aka Freehold South) calls the PodCulture Voicemail, and shares the induction of his son to the frightening world of Tofurkey and Gravy Jones Soda. Yes, his son drinks it live on the phone!

Geek Cuisine is Lost with Tropical Chewy Lemonheads and Friends.

We share some of the geekier haul from our holidays. Glenn shares the newest addition to his weaponry collection, and talks about the unique qualities of a Ruger .22 magnum. Adam talks about his Doctor Who swag. Christina tells of her Amy Acker autograph, Today’s Special on dvd, and her Medieval Games Wii game. Brad is dreamily gazing at his Freema Agyeman autographed photograph, and the gang talks about the adorableness of Lego Rock Band. He shares the awesomeness of the James Bond ten blu-ray set Christina gave him for Christmas, and the tome of Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” from his mom. Christina bears the ridicule of the boys and talks about her Jacob Black action figure, and Brad tells of the success of buying the Wii for his sister and family. The pair spin the story of New Year’s Eve, playing Super Mario with their friends. Adam shares about his very own personalized My Little Pony: Apocalypse Pony that he got for Christmas. Glenn tells us that Carly has gotten the Twilight Series of books, and Christina has finished Breaking Dawn. Glenn got her the latest season of Deadliest Catch on dvd. Adam’s friend Richard got him the Sonic and Laser Screwdriver Dueling set, and the boys plan a trip to laser tag.

Our promo this week comes courtesy of Future Traditions: A Jericho Podcast.

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