The boys open the show without the token geek girl, but she’ll be back soon enough.

Christina returns just in time for Glenn to get his Guilt on. He brings us The Howling 2, and Brad researches The Howling 6 with marsupials. Are there were-koalas? Christina likens it to the were-animals in the Sookie Stackhouse universe.

Adam opens the gaming segment with some demos he’s been playing. He shares the great design of Dante’s Inferno, comparing the gameplay to God of War. The rating of the games spawns a discussion on ratings and lenient, or unaware, parents. Adam also plays the demo of Bayonetta, and discusses the hottness of a hair costume. Glenn is lost in Modern Warfare, but has made time for Left 4 Dead 2. He has Prestiged in Modern Warfare and considers repeating it. Along with Lego Rock Band, Brad has been playing Torchlight on Steam as well as Plants Versus Zombies. He and Christina have pre-ordered Bioshock 2…TWICE! He shares the list of goodies the collector’s edition comes with. Which platform will Adam be getting his copy for? Glenn talks of Battlefield Bad Company 2, and anticipates it’s release. Adam has beaten Burnout Paradise with the expansion islands.

Stay tuned for the “best” of our worst at the end of the episode.

Promos come graciously from What The Cast, and our own dear The Geekspin!

By Brad

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