The boys open this week’s episode of PodCulture!

Glenn drops the news that I Am Legend will have a prequel, and Hancock will have a sequel, and they’re in dire need of geek girl estrogen.

When Christina returns, it’s time for some guilt. Glenn brings us OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. Brad may have the game, but Glenn brings us the movie!

Glenn is weathering the winter hiatus by watching Conspiracy Theory. What’s the most pirated tv show out there? Yep, it’s Heroes. Which actor on it tickles Christina’s fancy. Adam is on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kick, and enjoying season 2 of Better Off Ted. Christina is watching The Tudors, while she and Brad are delving into Pushing Dasies, and both are looking forward to exploring the bonus features on the Fringe blu-ray. The pair are excited that Adam will be watching Primeval soon. Brad picked up Watchmen on blu-ray, and Christina is giddy girly happy for her collection of Today’s Special. As one of her oldest fandoms, she revels in her dorkitude. Brad and Glenn both have season 2 of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Glenn has the last two seasons of 24 on dvd, but hasn’t yet watched one episode of the series. Christina announces that she has finally seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation for the very first time, much to the marvel of the guys. Adam shares his favorite Chevy Chase monologue from the movie. Everyone is happy that Chuck is back on, and Adam is caught up with Supernatural. Brad and Christina have watched Tim Burton’s “9”.

They close entreating the audience to watch great tv, and support shows that you enjoy. Your caffeinated Culture Crew is excited about Mountain Dew Throwback. Glenn tells us about the clash of the titans for Spiderman 4, and the boys spin webs of theories. What shows and movies are you looking forward to?

Promos come from The Signal and The Babylon Podcast

By Brad

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