Their phasers are set to “awesome” this week. Get ready for Star Trekking across the internet!

Adam opens this week with his busy week at work and playing the Star Trek beta. Glenn is caught up with shows that are now back from their break. They’re loving Chuck, Supernatural, and Christina is hopelessly in love with Walter on Fringe. The boys eagerly await Lord of the Rings on blu-ray, and Christina is enjoying the Fringe bloopers. Glenn isn’t ready Prestige again in Modern Warfare 2. Christina has had her fill of the long days at work, and had a most bogus experience at the hospital. Glenn hasn’t been able to fly because of the fog, which leads Adam and Christina to geek about the gorgeously English weather.

Brad and Adam (and Christina, a little bit) have been playing the ghe’tor out of the Star Trek Online beta. Glenn and Adam try to convince Christina to watch all the movies, and she concedes for the love of Stewart and Nimoy. Both Adam and Brad have pre-ordered it through Steam, and discuss the extra goodies it will include. Being a total MMO noob, Brad is learning the ropes via the Star Trek ranks. Adam finds out the multiplication properties of Tribbles, and Christina still thinks they should be used as currency. Adam has played the beta for Star Wars Galaxies and the Lord of the Rings MMO, as well as having dabbled mildly in World of Warcraft. In his geek-honored opinion, he worries about interface issues, but looks forward to how the game will grow. They talk about some of the funnier glitches, and some of the nods to cannon characters. Despite being a World of Warcraft genius, Glenn has not signed up for the Starfleet. He and Adam talk game mechanics, and he sways toward picking it up. Christina knows nowt of Star Trek beyond the appreciation of Julian Bashir hotness and Troi hair envy. Still, she enjoys the gorgeous graphics, and enjoyed dipping her toe into the pool of character creation. Brad talks about his character’s visit to Deep Space 9, and they all look forward to future updates. Brad talks about the various subscription packs and options. What do you think? Would you take the chance on a lifetime subscription to a MMO? Give Christina suggestions for a hobby now that Brad will be warping to sector Trek now!

In closing, the quartet is coming down from sugar highs, and Christina is ready to hit the sack. Her final thought asks for good things to watch, asks for book suggestions to listen to on her daily commutes. Glenn talks about WoW and Jeeves, and the gang tries talk him into signing up for Star Trek Online. Adam entreats us to watch Chuck, and Christina geeks a bit about the Chuck app for the iPhone.

Our Fillion-tastic promos come from Castlecast and The Signal!

By Brad

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