The boys open this show without Christina, but she’ll be back! Get comfy on the couch, ladies and gents, because it’s been a tv-watching marathon!

Glenn talks about the movie Whiteout, and the difficulties he has has finding it on dvd.

When Christina returns, Glenn begins our tv show segment with Vampire Diaries. As much as Christina loves all things Vamp, she still needs convincing. He’s sill keeping up with Supernatural and Fringe, and finally picked up True Blood on dvd. Which team are you on? Christina is firmly planted in Ericland. He has also picked up the game Gamer, Final Destination 3-D and Pandora. During Pandora, he sees a trailer for Law Abiding Citizen. Christina has finished The Tudors and eagerly awaits the next season. She shares the greatness of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Sarah Bolger. Her find of the week is BBC’s Casanova, starting David Tennant. She totally squees over this Whoapalooza of characters, and appreciates the modernly artistic views on costumes. Speaking of Who, Brad and Christina are watching Law & Order: UK, and love spotting the Whovian actors. They’re also keeping up with Castle, and enjoying the new seasons of Being Human and Survivors. The latter is the series based on the story by Terry Nation, and the pair marvel at the amount of storytelling done in each and every episode. The pair discuss Sanctuary, and Christina still thinks that Robin Dunne looks like he could play Spike’s little brother. Christina finds an article about undiscovered gems of tv, and is looking forward to finding The Inbetweeners. Brad and Adam discuss Dollhouse, and anticipate how it will end. Christina enjoys Topher and Enver Gjokaj’s portrayal of him all the more. Glenn, Brad and Christina take a moment to talk about Heroes, and the story lines that have died and been altered over the seasons. Brad went to the comic shop on Wednesday, and has picked up The Supernatural and Jericho comics.

We’ve channel changed enough, so tell us what you’re watching! What should we hunt down, and what should we run away from?

In closing, the guy still try to get Glenn to pick up Star Trek: Online, and Adam asks for new things that we’d enjoy.

Old People by Nuclear Bubblewrap provide the musical entertainment for this week’s geeking!

By Brad

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