And then there were three. Brad, Glenn and Christina are Adamless for this week’s episode.

Christina gets home just in time to join the boys, and despite the craptastic work week, she has made time for new tv shows. Glenn is keeping up with Fringe, Heroes, Vampire Diaries and playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. He is looking forward to the Aliens vs Predator demo to play, and enjoying the cornucopia of stuff to watch and game. Derby season is approaching, so he’s getting as much in as he can. Brad has been incommunicado since the first of the month, playing the hell out of Star Trek Online. He tells the tales of the the unique little unlockables from Del Taco and the Next Generation dvd set.

Brad unveils a new contest! Thanks to the fine folks at Farpoint Media, PodCulture gives away a copy of the Marvel Animated dvd, Planet Hulk! To win, e-mail us at with your name and address by March 12, 2010. The winner will be announced on PodCulture’s 200th Episode!

Adam is back for Geek Cuisine! We’ve got Chocolate Smarties! No, no, not the UK “M&M” kind of Smarties. The American tart treat gone chocolate!

BONG! Brad, Glenn and Christina talk about the two hour tour, the season premiere of Lost! SPOILER ALERT! We leave no stones unturned and no subs unexploded, so if you’ve missed your flight on Oceanic 815 (and you wish to remain unspoiled) skip from the 21 minute mark to the 48 minute point. They unravel theories, discuss hypotheses, and get their brains scrambled a la Daniel Faraday. Brad puts his Trekkie hat on to discuss timelines, Glenn brings up gaping plot holes, and Christina is happy simply to see Desmond. You all everybody! Tell us what you think! What do you want to happen? What are your theories?

Guilt’s keen eye is turned to the gang, as Glenn brings us Hawk the Slayer! He describes the “low budget Lord of the Rings”, including Jack Palance as the evil brother, and the young and disturbingly handsome John Terry (better known to Lost fans as Christian Shephard) as the good guy. It’s available on Netflix, and oh, yes, they’re making a sequel!

In closing, they wish Adam a fantastic trip full of great stories! Christina asks everyone….yes, you…and tell your friends! PodCulture is turning 200! Call our voicemail (or send us an MP3 or e-mail) and wish us a happy birthday. We’ll play it on the show and share your favorite moments from the past four years. Tell us about your favorite (or grossest) Geek Guisine, worst Guilty Pleasure, or coolest toys!

Promos come from The Dollhouse Podcast and Babylon 5 Podcast.

By Brad

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