Strap on your hats, girls and geeks! We’ve got an explosion of non-stop randomness!

Adam opens the show with his misadventures going to see the shuttle Endeavor launch. From humble beginnings in an old abandoned church to freezing in Florida, he has a set of unforgettable memories, even if none of those involve the actual shuttle launch. We discuss the loss of the space program, while Brad and Glenn talk about Jerry Doyle’s podcast and politics.

Glenn is working hard, but he has found time to watch the mid-season finale of Fringe. Christina lets him in on the latest show in-joke. He has caught up with Vampire Diaries, and is making his way through his revisit of Charmed.

Christina is hopelessly in love with The IT Crowd. (If she’s wrong about who sent us the dvds, please let her know, and she will most humbly apologize). She also started watching The Inbetweeners, and hopes she’s wrong in her unpleasant first impression.

Brad shares the nightmare of the bathroom ceiling exploding…again…! The gang discuss the general suckiness of Valentine’s Day, and the perils of living in a usually unplowed neighborhood in the winter. Brad begins the story of going to Gamestop, while Christina teases the boys with a line from Coupling. He shows off the extra spiffy version of Bioshock 2. The gorgeous art deco style art, the eerie music, and truly original gameplay make it ingeniously entertaining for the player and anyone watching.

Adam and Brad are still working their way up the ranks in Star Trek Online, and are enjoying the ever expanding array of worlds and
updates. Adam shares the story of how the game explains the evolution in the look of the Klingons.

Glenn is back in to the breech of World of Warcraft, and he shares all the Valentine’s Day themed extra surprises that the game offers. He has been taking advantage of the double XP weekend in Aion. He is enjoying the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier game, and the access to the online beta with Splinter Cell. They’re looking forward to Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Adam shares that they’ve played the Firefly theme song on the international space station, which reminds Christina how much she hates spoilers. Brad adds that Sam Trammel has been added to the Dragon Con guest list!

In closing, don’t forget to enter PodCulture’s Planet Hulk dvd contest! Email us your name and address, and we’ll announce the winner on our 200th episode!

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 194: The One Take Wonder Show”
  1. Hi guys, love the show. Just wanted to let you know that they are retiring the shuttle because they can’t get parts for most of the systems anymore. The shuttle program was green lighted while we were watching astronauts roaming the moon in 1969. We didn’t see the first shuttle, Enterprise, until 1976 and Columbia was first launched on April 12, 1981. In fact, on Columbia’s last 2 or 3 missions, NASA had taken some parts from Enterprise and had to go onto eBay for some of the computer parts needed because no one made them anymore. While it would be nice if they could have waitied until April 12, 2011 to retire the fleet (the 30th Anniversary of Columbia’s first lauch), I can why the fleet is being retired. It would have been nice if they could have been looking to innovate the shuttle style for a longer range flight to the Moon to deliver equipment for a Moon base and for launching flights to the rest of the Solar System for a start, but now we’re going to be too dependent on Russia to get us to the Space Station and back in something that makes Apollo look modern. The equivalent technology would be like running the Internet on an Apple I, or if you did a minor upgrade, a Commodore 64 and if you went really high tech, a Radio Shack TRS80, Model 1, all with a 300baud modem.

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