Christina is called on to begin this week’s episode of PodCulture and she is all tapped out of geek for the moment. Glenn leads the boys off with lamenting the airing of the Olympics putting all of his favorite shows on a break. Adam has been animating, and earning Commander rank in Star Trek Online, when he hasn’t been at work. Glenn is giving his wings a workout in Aion and making more progress watching Charmed. Christina continued her streak of un-Valentiney Valentine’s Days, but enjoyed her company. Adam spent “Singles Awareness Day” making dinner for family and putting on his Sunday clothes for Wall-E. Glenn eagerly awaits the Aion expansion while he works his wings off during ratings month. Speaking of updates, Brad and Adam are appreciating all the great work going into Star Trek Online. Adam is putting his own hard work in on The Bellflower project. Glenn has picked up MAG, comparing it somewhat with Battlefield: Bad Company, and the guys discuss multiplayer games. Brad brings up the multiplayer issues, and bad respawn points, in Star Trek Online, as well as the good and bad voice work in the game.

Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper, too? Our Geek Cuisine this week is Heritage Dr. Pepper, and Thomas Kemper’s Orange Cream Soda gets an honorable mention.

Don’t forget to enter The Planet Hulk dvd contest! Send us your e-mail and mailing information and you could win! Besides, you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

We review Zombieland. From Columbus to Tallahassee, all the way to Wichita, and back to the place where everybody knows your name, we discuss the best and grossest parts of the movie. Find out how it compares to the Left 4 Dead games, and if it pales in comparison to Shaun of the Dead, or leaves it in the dust. Glenn shares another Woody Harrelson gem, Defendor.

We close with Christina’s excitement over tickets to see Wicked when it comes back to town, and Glenn’s run in with the law at the store.

Remember, faithful listeners, to share in our 200th episode. Call us and wish us a happy birthday, send us email or mp3!

This week’s promo comes from The Legend of The Seeker Podcast.

By Brad

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