Welcome back, Geeky Little Monkeys!

Christina opens this week’s geekanalia with Geek Cuisine.  She shares the sweetness of her family’s Valentine’s Day traditions as well as the new flavors of Conversation Hearts. She has since researched Sweetest Day, and apologizes for blaming American Greetings.

The clock is ticking, listeners! Don’t forget to enter our Hulk dvd contest! Email us if you want to win your own copy of Planet Hulk before March 12, and the winner will be announced during our 200th episode!

We have a potpourri of geekboys in this segment. Glenn begins with his Halo Legends dvd and the guys talk about Halo Reach. They discuss the Planet Hulk dvd and the upcoming Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths. Brad has picked up the Green Lantern: Blackest Night action figures, shows off his favorites, and shares about the upcoming Brightest Day series of comics. Glenn lets us in on the Mattel retro action figures coming out, and the Green Hornet comic series to begin. Adam is still loving Star Trek Online, and the guys talk about the rhymes and reasons why they name their characters and ships the things they do.

Christina comes back just in time to close, as they discuss the drawbacks of footie pajamas. She shares the story of The Ghosts of Ex-Girlfriends Past that she got to experience with Brad. Adam says to try out a new video game and Christina reminds you to call our voicemail line and wish us a happy 200th. Glenn is looking forward to a new phone, and Brad theorizes about what the perks of the newest iPhone will be.

Our promo this week comes graciously from the great guys from the Sofa Dogs Podcast.

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