It is a trio of geeks this week on PodCulture, as Glenn is busy flying around Louisville, capturing Derby madness. Brad, Adam and Christina are left to discuss Doctor Who!

Before we hop in the Tardis, Adam is doing his best to find balance between work, gaming and enjoying the spring. Christina is back from her week in Cleveland and her grandpa’s funeral. She shows off her new tattoo, and beams with pride that her mom and aunt all got inked at the same time in honor of him. Brad has played a little Star Trek Online following the lovely remodel of the studio. Christina is grateful for the computer and The Sims 3 that Brad gave her for her birthday.

If you haven’t seen Matt Smith’s debut, and wish to remain spoiler free, don’t blink. Just come back to us next time!

When they return, the three review the first two episodes of Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below. Can Adam get past the hotness of Karen Gillan? Is Rory the new Mickey? They discuss Steven Moffat, rubbish fashion sense, and the crack in the wall. Would you pack your bag and be ready to fly like young Amelia Pond? Would you let the Raggedy Doctor in? What of the new Tardis? Do we love the Doc’s new digs? They muse on the relationship between Amy and The Doctor, and what kind of man he is this time around.

The promo this week comes graciously from The Doctor’s Companion Podcast.

By Brad

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