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We jump right into the bag of goodies this week, with Geek Cuisine! Our friend, Nick, sent us Doritos First and Second Degree Burn flavors to try! Find out who’s setting off alarms, who’s reaching for the milk and who is hungry for more! Christina makes a contribution to Geek Cuisine with her sugar free orange cream Tums.

Get the popcorn and blanket and get ready to watch some TV. Adam shares his new found love for the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. He delves into the series, the art and the characters. We discuss the feature film and how M. Night Shyamalan’s career has progressed, for better or worse. Adam has seen Toy Story 3 in 3-D, and he shakes his fist at studios who try to upscale 2-D movies. They compare the visual spectacle of Avatar and await the re-release in the fall. Brad and Christina have found and caught up with the FX series Justified, and although it makes Christina a little unsettled to live in the Bluegrass State, the pair enjoyed it immensely. Brad introduced Christina to Dark Angel, and she makes the comparison to Dollhouse. Christina’s newest love is 30 Rock, and after a week, she’s finished with the first season. Glenn has been watching The Gates, and he is enjoying the improvement from episode to episode. He is an avid watcher of the new series, Haven and has even set his phone alarm to remind him to record. Brad and Christina missed the premiere of Warehouse 13, but having watched Stargate Continuum, share the story of the kindness of Cliff Simon. Christina is in geek heaven, now that series 4 of The I.T. Crowd has started, and converts episodes to watch on her phone. Glenn tells us that he’s finally found Dexter, and both he and Adam entice Brad and Christina to start watching. Finally, Christina praises the networks streaming content online, and Brad offers a solution to downloading issues.

Care to supersize your Geek Cuisine? We’ve got a second round this week! Glenn brings us York Peppermint Pattie Pieces. After the burnination of the first round, the brilliant coolness of York makes us a quartet of happy geeks. The gang shares stories of epic spilling of beverages, completed by Brad’s Big Red Incident of 2010.

In conclusion, Glenn is looking forward to seeing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and everyone is anticipating The Expendables. Adam says to go watch the animated Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Christina asks for everyone’s top five Netflix queue lists.

Promos come courtesy of Milk Carton TV, The Weird Show and our musical guest is Steve Goodie with Black Water (BP Version).

By Brad

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