Prodigal Geek Glenn returns to open this week’s episode! He is less than one percent away from total completion of Red Dead Redemption, and looks forward to the beta of Medal of Honor. Adam has been mainlining 30 Rock and loves it! He has signed up for the Star Wars: Old Republic beta, and hopes to get in on the ground floor. Christina is almost through the third season of 30 Rock, and is planning her trip to her hometown. Brad had a graceful moment in the yard, and dreads his double load at work.

Stick the buttered popcorn in your Fun Cooker, because we’re ready for some TV! Glenn shares his feelings about Losers, and joins Brad and Christina in his appreciation for the animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood. As the guys discuss the Jonah Hex feature on the Batman dvd, Brad and Adam take video of the PodCulture studio. Glenn is still working his way through Charmed, and Dexter. Adam and Christina banter about 30 Rock. Glenn and Adam talk as much as they can about the visually stunning Inception without giving away any spoilers. Christina is still loving the IT Crowd, but is behind on Lie To Me. She’s borrowed Juno from Elizabeth, but hasn’t watched it yet. She talks about the startlingly literal “Lennon Naked” from the BBC. While she and Brad enjoyed Christopher Eccleston and Naoko Mori as John and Yoko, they were at once disturbed and impressed. Brad talks about the previews on the Batman dvd for the upcoming direct to dvd animated movie. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. While the guys are happy that Summer Glau with voice Supergirl, Christina votes for Hayden Panettiere. The pair are watching True Blood and are enjoying Warehouse 13.

We’ve Geeked and we’ve Cuisined! Brad shares his Mike and Ike Candy Bubblegum!

Musical interludes include Da’ Falcon by Sci-Fried.

The promo this week comes graciously from The Critical Myth Podcast.

By Brad

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