After a quick intro from Brad, the crew geek in depth about Halo Reach. Adam gives us a brief overview of the storyline, and Brad shares his theories as to why the Halo series appeals to people who wouldn’t normally be fans of first person shooters. Glenn, having been a lifelong FPS fan, discusses his favorite perks of the games. Adam shares what disappoints him and Brad adds what he’s looking forward to. Having finished the game, Adam appreciates how it segues into the original Halo game mythology. Everyone loves the customization of characters, and even non-player Christina is a fan of the artwork. As the last Halo game from Bungee, they theorize where the franchise will lead. Brad and Glenn have picked up the Limited Edition of the game, and Brad shows off the awesome swag it comes with. The gang discusses the promo items given away to entice buyers. The boys enjoy co-op mode and look forward to taking advantage of Forge mode. Adam appreciates Halo Twitter support and Gruntpocalypse. What do you think, ladies and geeks? Let us know!

Special thanks to special musical guests Kirby Krackle with Teabagged and Team Tiger Awsome with Halo Nights

By Brad

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