After a painfully colorful opening, we welcome you back, fearless listeners!

After a five year break in with the genre, Glenn has been playing City of Heroes: Going Rogue. In the vein of Fable, he will be able to skew his characters for good or evil. Adam has been on vacation, splitting his time between Halo Reach, building his helmet and taking scuba lessons. While he may not be white water rafting this year, he looks forward to caving soon. While Brad was away at Dragon*Con, Christina spent the week crafting and watching her favorite documentary channels.

We have a truly special show for you this week as Brad and Christina had the fantastic opportunity to see Marian Call in concert in Louisville. They share their interview with her between some their favorite tracks from her albums Got To Fly and Vanilla, including the title track, Vanilla, It’s Good To Have Jayne On Your Side, Dark Dark Eyes, I’ll Still Be a Geek After Nobody Thinks That It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem), In The Black and Flying Feels Like. She discusses her 50 state tour, some of her favorite songs, and her plans for the next album and tour. Check this brilliant lady out at

Back in the studio, it is nearly Halloween time and it is creeping into Geek Cuisine. We’ve got Blood Orange candy corn!

Thanks so much to The Signal and Marc Gunn’s Irish Celtic Music Podcast for their promos.

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