After a super quick intro, the crew dives into a show driven by you the listeners!

Tim from the Babylon Podcast calls in to share his feelings on Doctor Who and The Daleks. Gary from Jacksonville is a long time friend of the PodCulture crew, but a new listener to the podcast. He shares his view of his first episodes. Clay Campbell calls in to share his upcoming watching of Robo Vampire.

Never one to be outdone, even by himself, Glenn Guilts and Pleasures us with Roger Corman’s Galaxy of Terror. He discusses the reasons for its cult classic status, including, stars (Sid Haig, Robert Englund, and Erin “Happy Days” Moran), and scandal. It’s not all hard core cheese, though, and Glenn shares the admirable sets and effects. It’s no surprise, given that it’s from a little known superpower named James Cameron.

Darryl calls the voicemail line to share his agreement with Christina about 30 Rock. Tim from the Babylon Podcast calls in to tell us how he and his daughter are deliciously frightened of Doctor Who’s Angels. Mark, aka Jayhawk, calls to congratulate on our many episodes.

Dear friend of the PodCulture Crew, Nick, sends in Blair’s Death Rain chips to torment the gang. They go from Chipotle to Buffalo, then Cheddar to Habanero. Find out who enjoyed them and who had their faces burned off. Christina tells of her love for the Man v. Food show on Travel Channel, and proposes a Geek Cuisine field trip.

Wife of Freehold South (aka Andy) calls in to blame us for being forced to watch Megashark Versus Giant Octopus . Clay touches base after watching Robo Vampire, and may not be speaking to us again. Tim calls in a for a hat trick to discuss watching Flesh and Stone his feelings about the creepiness of the Stone Angels. Gary rings up to share that he enjoyed the interview with the rapturous Marian Call.

Music includes I Am The Horcrux by Steve Goodie and When This Song Is Over You Will Die by Tom Smith.

By Brad

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