Welcome to Studio V where the crew breaks out the Zoom H4n and take over Adam’s place for a change in audio scenery!

The geek masses join to watch Frequenly Asked Questions About Time Travel, but quickly devolve into a myriad of topics. The PodCulture crew wishes to welcome Justin, Paula, Ace Kevin, Matt, and the podcasting puppy, Athena.

We begin with the guys discussing Star Wars: Force Unleashed in depth. They voice complaints and concerns as well as things that impressed them. They debate length of gameplay, voice actors, and storytelling. What Star Wars discussion would be complete without a round of how best to cook an Ewok? They theorize news of the future of the franchise.

They segue to from Indiana Jones to Captain America, and debate period hero movies and recycling Marvel actors. The guys discuss Zack Snyder and the upcoming Superman movie. Should they be remaking Wonder Woman, Hulk and Spiderman? Did they do Wolverine justice? They discuss Hugh Jackman and the character’s arc.

From the big screen to the small, the gang picks Caprica apart for better and worse. Does SyFy have it in for science fiction television with the hiatus tendencies? They debate whether or not shows like Ghost Hunters count as science fiction, and Adam and Christina sing the Ghostfacers song. Richard joins the group,

From British porn to Kevin Kline playing Houdini, we cover it all. Justin shares the genius of Sherlock and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming blu-ray release of Doctor Who. Paula does brilliant makeup and shares pictures of her Halloween creations. The creativity continues as they mull over winning hands in the game Apples To Apples.

Before they wind down to a close, they finally give a brief moment to Frequenly Asked Questions About Time Travel, starring Chris O’Dowd.

By Brad

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