Brad, Adam and Christina welcome Andy as our Substitute Geeker this week!

Christina has been working hard, and working her way through the Doctor Who Big Finish audio dramas. Adam finished a huge project at work and is enjoying the beautiful running weather with his sister. Andy has been playing like crazy, forgoing his usual television fare. Brad updates us on his family and we ask for prayers and good vibes.

Christina opens game talk. She is still loving Super Scribblenauts, admits her addiction to Cafe World on Facebook, and her love of Texas Hold ‘Em. Andy discusses Fallout Vegas, enjoying the engaging story and multiple endings. Adam talks about Force Unleashed 2, having traded it in toward a XBOX Kinect. He shares the intuitive gameplay and the games it comes with. They’re all a bit underwhelmed with the new XBox dashboard. Andy opens the discussion about Fable 3, sharing how his wife loves the game. They talk about gameplay, storylines and the value of having played the previous versions. Brad shows off his collector’s edition of the game and all the swag that comes with it. Even not playing it first hand, Christina appreciates the visual aspects of the game. Brad likens the gnomes in Fable 3 to the grunts in Halo. Andy and Brad find out the hard way what happens when you create your own villager. Brad bit the old west bullet and picked up Red Dead Redemption, having rekindled his relationship with Gamefly. He and Adam discuss the Undead Nightmare expansion pack. He received Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, but hasn’t had a chance to play it yet. He downloaded the Scott Pilgrim game from XBox, and Christina plans to download the Doctor Who pack of games online.

Pucker up for Geek Cuisine! We’ve got Orange Creme Hershey Kisses! Andy also takes his stomach into his own hands, trying previous Geek Cuisines.

Insane Ian brings us the song “Harry Potter”, and we thank The Seeker Cast for their promo!

By Brad

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