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Glenn opens this week, bereft of his usual lineup of shows, but The Cape is keeping him warm for now. Adam, on the other hand, is freezing, but still enjoying running. He is looking forward to his diving classes, having deemed 2011 his year of adventure. Christina is finishing up some shows, starting new ones, and enjoying the new Kinect. Brad is rocking the House look with his cane and sciatic nerve trouble.

Christina presents the first Geek Cuisine. Get out your glass of milk or hot chocolate for our Peppermint Oreos!

Kick back and play with us! Adam is still playing his Kinect, Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2. Brad talks about getting the Kinect and Glenn looks forward to the Netflix interface. Brad and Glenn go into detail about DC Universe Online. Brad tells the tale of Amazon’s epic shipping failure, and shows off the swanky collector’s edition of the game, including the Batman statue and art. Glenn’s love is character creation and is greatly impressed with the level of customization and attribute choices. The guys talk about missions as villans and heroes, and their various storyline options. Christina talks about her character, the artwork and music, and how even a non-gamer can really enjoy it. Brad talks about MMO games that have gone free-to-play, and theorizes about the open future of such games. Adam looks forward to the mission editor for Star Trek Online. Glenn compares City of Heroes to DC Universe Online. Before it launched, Glenn had been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, and played his prestigued Call of Duty Black Ops with friends, looking forward to the new map pack. Christina opens her Collector’s Edition of Little Big Planet 2 from Brad live on air, including bookends and a ridiculously adorable plush Sackboy! Stay tuned to future episodes for a review.

Brad’s friend Lisa has kindly send him a case of Retro Big Red, and the gang shares the genuine sugary goodness!

Our music this week includes Blow Me Down by Moneyshot Cosmonauts and Nothing But A Geek Thang by Devo Spice Featuring Worm Quartet. Thank you to The British Invaders for their promo!

In closing this week we share our oops moments from our mic checks!

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