Welcome back, fearless listeners!

We’re starting the sugar early this week! Java Twix combines two of Christina’s favorites in chocolate and coffee!

In a rare “In Theaters Now” Guilty Pleasure, Glenn talks about the masked horror of The Green Hornet. A longtime Hornet fan, he talks about his long ago hopes for a greater movie with George Clooney. Despite his disappointment, he speaks on the parts of the film that worked, and the many in-jokes that made it worthwhile. Proof positive that it was a labor of love, however the marks were missed. He discusses the Black Beauty, the Green Hornet costume and the 3D. In a sidebar, he talks about Season Of The Witch with Nicholas Cage.

In the second Geek Cuisine, we enjoy Jet Puffed Halloween Marshmallows. Little ghosts and pumpkins are frighteningly yummy!

The other half of a double dose of Guilty Pleasures, Glenn shares one that Brad and Christina have already enjoyed, Super Capers! We discuss the misbegotten superheroes and their lame powers. Heading up a cast of recognizable faces is Chuck’s Ryan McPartlin who is just caped awesome. There’s a nod to many fandoms and super guest stars. Everyone enjoyed this family friendly parody.

Our music this week includes Tweetin On A Plane by Steve Goodie and Cheap-Ass Cyborg by Tom Smith. Many thanks to The Seeker Cast for their promo!

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 242: Bye Bye Boohkie – Part B”
  1. Mmm Twix Java. You can get those in Korea over here and they’re WONDERFUL!! I don’t care what you all think :p

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