Christina opens this week of PodCulture with Geek Cuisine! It’s Twizzlers, it’s chocolate, it’s Hershey’s Twizzlers! Long ago, they were awful, but have they changed? Have they earned thumbs up or are they just strings of grossness? Twizzlers make great straws and the gang discusses variations on the theme.

Glenn begins our television geekout, looking forward to shows being back but we all hesitate over Fringe’s Friday schedule placement. He is still watching The Cape and they have different views on No Ordinary Family. Adam introduces us to Boardwalk Empire and we all agree on the genius of Steve Buscemi. While he’s into past era shows, he is devouring Mad Men and longs to dress as such for work. Glenn is in the Dexter dry zone, waiting for more episodes.

We being our dissection of Being Human, both the original and its new American counterpoint. Adam discusses pacing and timing, and we compare characters from each show. Christina may appreciate the pretty Sam Witwer, but loves Aiden Turner as Mitchell. She also compares Russel Tovey to Sam Huntington as werewolves. Glenn disagrees with us and thought the pilot held important exposition. We compare and contrast setting, style and story and hold out hope for the future.

Adam has also been watching Bored To Death, starring Ted Danson and is enjoying the quirky, funny show. Christina started and finished all of Doc Martin since the last time we recorded and absolutely adores the misanthropic curmudgeon. She has also watched the funny Come Fly With Me from Matt Lucas and David Williams. Putting Brad off the show Luther, Christina gushes over Paul McGann and India Varma. Brad and Christina have been watching Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor Who stories. The pair defend his portrayal as the Timelord and compare the characters of Mel and Ace. They’re also watching Human Target and cross their fingers that it stays on. Glenn has finally finished Dollhouse and Brad talks about the future of the show in comic book form. The whole gang loves Enver Gjokaj and look forward to Dichen Lachman on Torchwood. We appreciate Daniel Dae Kim and thoroughly enjoy Hawaii Five-O with all its eye candy. Brad is happy to hear the rumors of Georgia Moffett and David Tennant with a Baby Timelord. Christina compares the Big Finish audio drama Jubilee with the episode Dalek. Brad reminds us of his hatred for Donna and Christina notes the Torchwood references in old episodes. Christina dodges Browncoat bullets as she hates V, but admits to liking some of the acting. Brad compares the old series to the new and anticipates Marc Singer on the show.

In a time travelling Geek Cuisine, we demolish Chocolate Mousse Halloween Peeps! We compare consumption methods of Peeps as we melt over the cocoa deliciousness.

Our music this week includes A Little Undead by Moneyshot Cosmonauts and Connoisseur of Girl TV by Bob Ricci. Thanks to The Being Human Cast for its promo!

By Brad

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