Welcome back, gang!

Adam opens this week with excitement about his scuba classes and has planned cool excursions. He has a new bedroom tv and is reading the book, Shadow Divers. Aquaphobe Christina won’t be seeing James Cameron’s Sanctum in 3D, but the guys anticipate awesomeness. Glenn has been forsaking World of Warcraft for DC Universe Online and is playing the newly free-to-play Champions Online. Brad announces that he has cancelled his Star Trek Online subscription in favor of DC Universe. Christina has been down for the count with a sinus infection, but is playing Little Big Planet 2 like crazy. She is listening to her new audio books and getting plenty of use out of Netflix. Brad has spent as much time as he can playing DC Universe and is back reading the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. His leg is feeling better but he’s using his downtime to tweak the new PodCulture.com website.

We have a special Geek Cuisine this week. Brad entered Philippa Ballantine’s contest to win her book, Geist, won, and she included a box of Cadbury Jaffa candies with it!

Put on your neon leg warmers, tease up your hair and get ready to rock with the original 80’s teen pop divas! Our Guilty Pleasure this week is Mega Python Versus Gatoroid starring Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. In a rare happening, all four of us have suffered through this one! The guys discuss the dodgy CGI, poor acting and swiss-cheesed plots that you come to expect from a Saturday Syfy movie. A card carrying child of the 80’s, Christina merely enjoyed seeing two of her favorite teen singers from back in the day. She deems Syfy as the Lifetime Channel for men. Glenn talks about his Debbie Gibson fan club membership and his winning swag from Syfy on Twitter.Are bad movies good, or is the point of them as obscure as their storylines?

Our music this week is Back To The Begining by Kirby Krackle and Never Say Never by Rob Balder. Thanks so much to The British Invaders for their podcast promo!

By Brad

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