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Christina opens this week’s TV and DVD Talk with her newest Brit Com love, Gavin & Stacey, from Ruth Jones and James Corden. Glenn is wrapped in The Cape and the gang is dismayed that the final 3 episodes of the season have been cut from the roster. They discuss how they would gladly trade The Event for more of The Cape, despite Brad’s distaste for the boy in the show. Will it find a new home on the Syfy Channel? Should a network be required to allow completion of filming to give watchers closure? Speaking of closure, Christina is fearful for Chuck, given the perfectly wrapped gift of the last few episodes. Brad is missing Scott Bakula and Christina laments the continuation of V. Glenn enjoys the metaphysical aspects of the show and Christina recognizes a character from the long gone Flash Gordon. Brad and Christina discuss the American Being Human. Have you seen the UK or the US first? Which do you prefer? Let us know! Christina is creeped out by the consistently wicked Mark Pellegrino and loves George/Alonso/Budgie actor Russell Tovey. Glenn is quite happy watching Vampire Diaries, and likens the offing of characters to the Whedonverse. He’s waiting for Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory to return from hiatus, and he mentions the lost episode. Everyone is happy about the return of Supernatural, but fears that it is running opposite Fringe. The kryptonite is out of the bag for Lois on Supernatural so the final season is going more smoothly for Christina, although Glenn is eternally a year behind. Adam and Christina discuss that even for non-comic geeks, it is well worth the ride. Brad discusses Hawaii- Five O. Christina is absolutely loving the Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who episodes. The pair are fearful for the future of Human Target. Brad doesn’t see the loveliness of Indira Varma as Christina does. Adam has been too busy being a wilderness adventurer to be watching more than a few episodes of Mad Men. Christina laughs about dreaming in foreign accents based on the shows she’s watching. Glenn brings up the potential for Amazon Prime streaming video and the gang discusses the possibilities.

Our musical guest this week is TVs Kyle with Peppermint Coffee!

Stay tuned after the credits for some of our finest needle scratches and bloopers!

By Brad

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