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The third in our trifecta of episodes opens with babble about books. Brad is still loving his Kindle and recommends it to any bibliophile.We discuss the future of reading technology, but all agree on the hope that it never completely replace paper books. Although he doesn’t remember the title, Glenn talks about the book he’s read about making movies on a budget, including all the technical and aesthetic issues. Adam takes the recommendation of a friend and has read Shadow Divers, the true story of amateur deep sea divers discovering the wreck of a German U-Boat. He enjoys the finding of artifacts and Christina likens it to the discoveries on the Titanic. He looks forward to the transformation to film in the future. Inspired, he downloaded Silent Hunters 5 for his PC and picked up U-571 on blu-ray. Keeping her company while she’s working, Christina chooses some new young adult books. Currently, she’s listening to The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and tells about the epic of a young woman dropped into the supernatural underbelly of New York City. She’s considering rereading Richard Bach’s Bridge Across Forever. Brad brings up the Chronicles of Narnia series, which also bridges the gap between young adult and adult. Christina adds Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time and the sci-fi of C.S. Lewis. Brad was quite happy to find the Stargate Atlantis book, Homecoming and loves that it takes place after Atlantis went off the air. Christina surprises the boys with news of the upcoming Being Human tie-in novels. On his “to be read” shelf, Glenn picked up a World of Warcraft book by Richard Knaak, and Christina mentions the Fable tie-in. Christina was quite giddy to receive Fraggle Rock comics and the Darkwing Duck Compendium from Brad. What are you reading? Novels or comics, let us know?

Christina supplies the sugar for this Geek Cuisine! For upcoming Valentine’s Day, she shares the Hershey’s Raspberry Hugs. Milk chocolate wrapped in white chocolate, swirled with raspberry. How could it go wrong?

Adam is looking forward to scuba training, and wants to know what kind of adventures you’re having. The boys discuss the new Spiderman costume, texture and textile. Brad and Glenn lament the loss of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four books and disagree with the renumbering of issues and titles. Glenn and Brad will miss Wizard magazine, but understand that it was time to either revive it or let it die. Christina closes with her plans to play Little Big Planet 2, sadly blowing up the Henson-like bunnies.

Music this week includes Dumpster Diving by Steve Goodie and Cruisin’ For Chicks On Google Maps by Tom Smith.

By Brad

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