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Glenn opens this week with the wonder of how Brad’s Tardis-like office can handle all the upcoming Green Lantern merchandise. He looks forward to the RoboCop statue in Detroit and Christina questions idiosyncrasies of the English language. Adam passed his scuba written exam and is excited about Panama City. He wants to add paintball to his list for adventure and Brad regales us about his paintball adventures. Christina is having a hard time reading a book digitally, but is enjoying some new computer games. Brad is loving the updates to DC Universe Online and appreciates the short-term subscription package. Glenn corrects his former mention of the World of Warcraft Storm Rage book, and Brad mentions the Best Little Horde House in Azeroth podcast.

In a fluffy two-for-one Geek Cuisine, we enjoy Jet-Puffed Carmel and Vanilla marshmallows and the chocolate covered Jet-Puffed Mallow Bites.

Christina opens this week’s TV and DVD Talk with the fact that Justin how has her hooked on Scrubs. She has found the mini-series Collision on Netflix and is enjoying the BBC star-studded cast. Having watched way too much tv, she is now enjoying re-watching Father Ted, noticing other favorite actors. Ever the geek, she has watched the National Geographic Human Family Tree documentary and is amazed at how the bread crumb trail of shows leads you to other shows. Adam is watching Being Human and we’re all still comparing the versions on the sides of the pond. He has found Riff Trax and is much enjoying the hysterical commentary. Due to a teasing cover, Adam is quite upset with Entertainment Weekly. Browncoats across the world are collecting funding for more Firefly and Brad is looking forward to Nathan Fillion in a Green Lantern animated movie. They discuss awesome mash-up trailers. Christina loves a Sherlock/Doctor Who trailer and Brad is a fan of the Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern live action trailer. Glenn is watching V and the boys make fun of the (not so) little baby. He is still loving Supernatural. Everyone is impressed by Fringe. Christina uses her glyph translator app on her phone each week and wants to keep both versions of Walter. Brad wants to see Mark Valley return as Olivia’s fiancee. Glenn is behind on the UK Being Human, but is enjoying the US incarnation. He is consistently impressed with Vampire Diaries and is still trying to get everyone to watch it. Novels of the series abound and Glenn discusses the pre and post-show stories. Brad and Christina are watching the usual suspects of Hawaii Five-O and Justified. The former has something for everyone and later leaves good female characters to be desired. They’re watching Primeval and Christina wants the costumer smacked. All four are watching The Big Bang Theory, Castle and Chuck. Adam is watching Deep Sea Detectives from the History Channel. Brad shows off his Jericho graphic novel and the guys comment on television series that turn into comics.

This Geek Cuisine has traveled in time and space for us to enjoy again! We share Bassett’s Jelly Babies!

Music this week includes Creepy Internet Guy by Nuclear Bubble Wrap and It’s My Wife by Beefy Al and Stoopid. Special thanks to Future Traditions, a Jericho Podcast, for their promo.

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