Welcome back to Part B of PodCulture geek madness!

Glenn opens this week with a gaggle of guilt. It’s four parts of the badass Death Wish series! We get the low down on Charles Bronson’s character, beginning in 1974. The baddies in the series include Jeff Goldblum, Lawrence Fishburne, Bill and Ted’s Alex Winter and Danny Trejo. Brad remembers a young Marina Sirtis as one of the victims. Glenn discusses the glam rock thugs in movies in the 80s. In Death Wish 4, Bronson reflects the fears of the time and focuses on the war on drugs. Christina enjoys the cameo by Mitch Pileggi and Glenn recognizes Tim Russ. After the unrealistic train wreck of the fourth movie, Glenn is excitedly dreading the fifth installment, arriving from Netflix. The boys debate who would win in a tough guy fight between Chuck Norris, Charlton Heston and Charles Bronson.

Adam opens a psychedelic box of yum and shares our Geek Cuisine! We have red apple Wonka Exceptionals Fruit Jellies! Find out if they’re as fantastically flavored as the box claims, and who will be taking the remainder home.

Glenn starts off Geek And Tell with the giant Team Debbie button he won from Scyfy, after the Megapython Versus Gatoroid! Christina gave Brad a Green Lantern shirt and a homemade koala for Valentine’s Day. Adam talks about his new figural TARDIS mug. Christina tells the tale of her awesome Ebay experience buying a cadbury egg coffee mug. Brad shares the story of the memorial urn of his dad, housed in the adorable teddy bear. We talk about the genius ways to memorialize loved ones, and the geek things we’d do ourselves. Brad shows off his new laptop and tells the tale of the coolness of Dell’s customer service.

In closing, Glenn is enjoying the gorgeous weather. Brad has ordered his ticket for DragonCon and Christina is planning a trip to England with her mom. We’re getting caught up on tv and asking for more! The guys discuss comic book prices versus number of pages. Everyone’s looking forward to All-Star Superman on dvd. Christina shares the Kilowog “Piggy Lantern” anecdote. Adam entreats us all to go out and enjoy the weather but Christina is too hooked on Oregon Trail on Facebook.

Music this week is Jabba Jive by Carrie Dahlby!

Promos come courtesy of Milk Carton TV and our own dear The GeekSpin!

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 249: The Face of Ass – Part B”
  1. Christina, You are very mouh like my wife. For my birthday I was gifted with a TARDIS USB hub. For 14 Feb I was gifted with a Jayne Cobb hat. You are not alone in your geeky gift giving. Love your show and keep your geek giving.

    Mike Bryant

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