Welcome to PodCulture’s 250th Episode!

We welcome Andy back to the studio! He opens with discussion about the sacred profession of teachers. Glenn preordered Homefront, the “Red Dawn” of video games. He is playing WoW again, and flying high with his hopes for his job. He and Adam talk about The Onion and the many ways to enjoy it. Adam is working hard and spending more time rendering animation than running, due to our copious amounts of rain. He has gone video game nostalgic and downloaded X-Com:UFO Defense on Steam. Christina longs for a Chuck game where you play as the Intersect. Adam shares his experience riding in the helicopter with Glenn! Christina is listening to a new audiobook series and reading two new books. She is mourning the loss of memories as her parents’ basement in Cleveland was flooded. Brad shows off his new PodCulture decals and hands some out to share with the gang. Aside from tricking out his new laptop, he tells about his weird nightmare panic. The group thanks Nick and Richard, once more for their Tardis Whoapedia.

In a very special, one of a kind Guilty Pleasure, Glenn and Brad present Indiana Jones and The Search For Who Knows What, a feature length film that they and their friends made back in the 90s. Glenn talks about playing Doctor Who, despite wanting to run the camera and play Batman. Christina enjoyed his “Wham” hair, and the serial style of the film. He shares anecdotes about costuming, props and the Lost In Space robot. Andy appreciates both the reverence and the tongue in cheek atmosphere, calling it “ingenuity personified”. A true labor of love, Glenn shares the tales of a group of friends getting together, using what they have, and creating something to express the love they had for these many fandoms. He discusses inspiration in fan films and creativity at its best. He shares this hits and misses of his incomplete work, Hell Night, with Brinke Stevens.

The Easter season is upon us, and coming with it is some of the best candy of the year! Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans marks our first Geek Cuisine of the spring season!

Our music this week is Soul of The River with “We’ve Gone Crazy”. Thanks to The Signal for their promo!

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