Welcome back! We couldn’t fit the awesomeness that was PodCulture 250 into just one episode, so it the bacchanalian geekfest continues!

We begin the fun with all things television. Glenn laments the sadness of The Cape’s season being shortened. The whole gang enjoys the show and mentions favorite points, holding out hope it will continue in some form. Christina metions Elliot Gould, which brings them to Saul Rubinek, from Death Wish and Warehouse 13. Christina doesn’t understand the goodness of bad movies, and the boys try to turn her around. Adam is bitter about the train wreck of the film version of Avatar:The Last Air Bender. They discuss the rise and fall of M. Night Shyamalan, and Christina fears film versions of her favorite books, including The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and The Time Traveler’s Wife. Brad is still watching “V”, but Christina has given up the ghost. The pair discuss Morena Baccarin versus Nathan Fillion as actors. Christina absolutely loved the Phantom/Litch character on The Cape. Back around to “V”, the group varies on who the best characters are, fear the aging Jane Badler, while Christina is just happy to see Oded Fehr. Glenn mentions the commercials full of exposition for The Event, and Adam passes on the marketing scheme. Adam is behind on Supernatural and Glenn sends him home to catch up. After they gush about “The French Mistake” episode, Adam is compelled. Glenn is still the only one watching Vampire Diaries. Adam is almost finished with season 4 of Mad Men, and doesn’t know what he’ll do when he has to wait for season 5. He has watched Due Date and found the stoner comedy enjoyably funny. Andy hasn’t had as much time to geek in front of the tv as he’d like, but would like to see Gnomeo and Juliet because he’s teaching the Bard’s counterpart in English class. He discusses The Walking Dead, is still plugging through Babylon 5 with his wife, and is watching Futurama with his son when he can. The whole group loves that Firefly is on The Science Channel. Adam talks about Chris Hardwick’s interview with Nathan Fillion on The Nerdist Podcast, and how our own Justin had a question answered! Andy mentions Nathan’s appearance in the movie Super. Christina has been watching Scrubs and is head over heels for it. In the middle of season 3, since all nine are streaming on Netflix, she points out the brilliant blend of laughter and heartbreak. The mention of Neil Flynn in The Fugitive brings Andy around to Andreas Katsulas and back to Babylon 5. Christina is torn between seeing The King’s Speech on the big screen and waiting for it on blu-ray, which comes out on her birthday. Adam is happy that Natalie Portman finally won an Oscar. Christina mentions Joseph Fiennes in the Camelot series. They are all really getting to like the American Human. Brad and Christina watched Beyond Sherwood Forest. Brad was happy to see Erica Durance as Marian but Christina was crushed at the lack of accent on Sanctuary’s Robin Dunne. Equally bad was Merlin: The Book of Beasts, starring James Callis and Dead Like Me’s Laura Harris. Brad picked up the Buffy Season Eight Motion Comic and although they lament the lack of original voices, it is well worth picking up. Andy mentions Michelle Trachtenberg all grown up in Maxim magazine.

Geek Cuisine this week is the controversial and recently banned Four Lokos. In a rare happening, it is unanimously gross!

Thanks to The Critical Myth Podcast for their promo. Special thanks to Soul Of The River for their song “B-Side To Honky Tonk Woman”.

Thanks to Audible.com, where, as a listener of PodCulture, clicking the banner on our site will get you a free audio book download of your choice and two free weeks to explore the over 85,000 audio books on Audible.com. Christina has recently listened to the unabridged The Hunger Games series, written by Suzanne Collins and read by the talented Carolyn McCormick. She has listened to each more than once and continues to be mesmerized by this best seller tour de force of strength, love and the indomitable spirit of a young woman.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 251: Undead Jellybeans – Part B”
  1. There’s a Rifftrax for The Last Airbender. I’ve only watched about half of it, but the Rifftrax makes it enjoyable. The same can be said for the Rifftrax for Cloverfield.

  2. Oh, you guys mention the Rifftrax right after I typed that. Serves me right for commenting while listening.

    Just a note, Christina thinks she’s 16 forever, and the first thing you guys do is try to get her drunk.


    (good luck on that, though;)

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