Welcome to the final part of the hat trick that is the 250th episode of PodCulture!

The gang is excited about all the things that will happen in the next 250 episodes! Brad is looking forward to Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Andy and Christina fear the shows that we will find and lose, and Glenn anticipates the year of super hero movies.

An anniversary Geek Cuisine indeed! Andy shares the first Geek Cuisine, Haribo Cola Gummies! Although he anticipates grossness, Christina finds them made of happy!

Glenn opens our book segment, as is reading Douglas Adams’ Salmon of Doubt, and shares the short stories and articles in the book. Adam has an upcoming book called Sea Hunters, since he is loving the tales of divers and underwater expeditions. Andy is reading is rereading George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. He cannot wait for the long awaited A Dance With Dragons, coming out July 10th. Andy discusses how he came to the novels and how he anticipates the television adaptation. The Joss Whedon “no one is safe” element adds to the intrigue and excitement. They lament the loss of bookstores in the area and speculate about the future of physical ink and paper books. Christina is covering all the mediums for reading at once. She is listening to the Black Dagger Brotherhood audio book by J.R. Ward, reading My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares on her iPhone and reading the paperback of One Day by David Nicholls. Brad suggests Scott Sigler to Andy to share with his students. They discuss books they would suggest to anyone, and the new wave of young adult books beloved by all ages. Brad is reading The Eight Doctors on his Kindle and the Fables graphic novel series by Bill Wilingham. Glenn tells about one of his favorite comic books as a kid, What If, sharing that The Avengers was being shot in Cleveland. Christina listened to the first two Dresden Files books Jim Butcher in audio, read by James Marsters.

In the second Geek Cuisine Adam shares the snacking dead, Zombie Jerky found on ThinkGeek.com. Not a single stomach is safe from this infection of your taste buds!

In closing, Glenn talks about sitting in the Black Beauty car from the new Green Hornet movie. Brad was happy to pick up two seasons of Knight Rider for ten dollars. Adam is taking advantage of the lengthening, warming days. Andy is looking forward to the Star Trek Exhibition at the Science Center in Louisville, leading them to discuss various weaponry and next year’s Thundercats movie. Christina looks forward to the next 250 episodes and Brad entreats you all to make movies and podcasts.

Music this week includes the songs Sex In The Morning and Sweet As The Sky from the band Soul Of The River. Our promos this week come from the DWO Who podcast and the upcoming relaunch of our own The GeekSpin.

Special thanks to Audible.com! As a PodCulture listener, if click on the link above, you can choose a free audio book download and receive two free weeks to explore the over 85,000 titles. Christina is currently enjoying Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris, read by Johanna Parker. Hear what is going on in Sookie Stackhouse’s world as she once again lands herself in the middle of supernatural trouble.

By Brad

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