Don’t blink! We’re back with another TARDIS Interruptus episode of PodCulture!

Brad, Christina and Adam welcome the rest of the TARDIS copilots, Nick, Richard, Andy and Justin! This week we’re watching and discussing the 1996 TV movie, starring Paul McGann and Nick gives us a synopsis. To open, Adam is happy to be getting a new dive computer and is catching up on his TV. Christina is listening to a new audio book and finishing the 5th season of Scrubs. Justin has ordered himself a shiny new monitor and finished The Game of Thrones on audio book from Audible. He, Adam and Andy are looking forward to the series. Andy celebrates the 14th birthday of his son and enjoys alternating time on the XBox and computer with him to game. Currently he’s playing Homefront, comparing it to Call of Duty. Brad announces Glenn’s surprise wedding and we all wish him the best! Richard has been working hard and when he’s not watching Doctor Who is re-watching the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series. Nick is watching classic episodes of Dark Shadows and watching Tom Baker’s Doctor Who stories with the commentary on. He talks about his latest swag from and how awesome the forums are. Justin talks about the drivable power wheel Dalek, which leads Adam to sing Dalek Babies. Brad ordered some new gear for the studio and has been playing Torchlight on XBox Live. He has also picked up Marvel Vs. Capcom for when he’s not playing DC Universe Online.

Spoilers, sweeties! If you haven’t watched the movie, go pick it up and come back! If you stay, be warned, we pick it apart! We’ll cover the good, the bad, and the things we would fix. We all agree that Paul McGann does well as The Doctor, and was cheated out of more screen time. We agree that he successfully bridges the gap between classic and new leading men. Nick discusses a brief origin of the film and the logo, and his appreciation of the TARDIS’ internal expansion. Justin brings up the cannon of Doctor Who, which leads Nick to list off inconsistencies in the history of the show. Bringing us to the bad, Richard notes his biggest nitpick, the fact that The Eye of Harmony is in the TARDIS. Nick argues the pointlessness of naming the Daleks and Skaro for no reason. Justin would have found the movie almost uninteresting, had he found it as as stand alone piece in the 90’s, and Richard adds that flaw in the script structure. Nick finds fault with The Master, although liking Eric Roberts’ portrayal, and Brad likens his incarnation as the snot monster to Odo on Deep Space Nine. Having loved the new series episode, Dalek, Justin wishes they had left The Master out in favor of another nemesis.

Christina supplies this potentially icky Geek Cuisine in honor of The Doctor. Fish sticks and custard is handed out to uncertain friends! Quite fantastically, everyone enjoys it! Matt Smith may have eaten imitation fish sticks made of coconut and cake, but we do the real thing!

When we return, we discuss the “if we were in charge” theories. Did the movie try to take on too much in its quest to please old fans while impressing new ones? Richard takes up for the creators, given the struggle it took to simply get it made in the first place. We touch on the differences in it because it was made in America, and mention the upcoming Torchwood series. Nick compares the last series of Sylvester McCoy to the movie, and through on to Christopher Eccleston’s series. He reminds us that, love it or hate it, fans should thank those who pushed the labor of love through, getting us through the wilderness years without Doctor Who on TV. Christina is impressed with the vast amount of information and history on the two-disc dvd set. She loves the commentary by Sylvester McCoy (who steals the show) and Paul McGann, moderated by Nicholas Briggs. Nick compares the original release of the dvd to the new, mentioning the book Regeneration by Philip Segal. We all send up thanks to the movie for keeping the characters in the minds of creators, we’ve got audio dramas, books and stories that we would not have had otherwise. Justin mentions Red Nose Day in the UK and the great Doctor who sketches that you can find on YouTube. Nick makes some recommendations to bridge the gap between the old an new series, comparing Matt Smith to Patrick Troughton. Christina notes the additional content on the movie dvd including Nicholas Courtney.

Promos come courtesy of The DWO WhoCast, The Being Human Podcast and The Saturday B Movie Reel Podcast.

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